Alternative News Sources

Alternative News Sources

Unplug the Signal to The Mainstream Agenda - Alternative News Sources

Why do you think what you think? Ask yourself this question and you’ll find out there’s more to your mind than that part of it that has been socially pre-conditioned.

This is a page dedicated to the circulation of free-thinking pamphlets and alternative news sources outside the control of business agendas.

Remember – when listening to the news think: Where does the money trail lead/who profits from this dissemination – this will show you whose agenda is being played.

Red Ice Radio – (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED) The real source for alternative news, an excellent source for non-biased information that doesn’t fit the current cultural meme/mind-set. A beacon of sanity from western europe.

Alex Jones’ Info Wars – (Because there is a war on for your mind) – An excellent alternative news source on how we’rehaving our physical and mental freedoms destroyed by the despotic, murdering leaders of the world. Alex is generally spot on and he’s a guy who doesn’t take it lying down. Also check out his other news site: Prison Planet – The Truth Will Set You Free

The Psychedelic Salon -(Positive on Psychedelic Drugs – RECOMMENDED) Great RSS feed to download podcasts about psychedelic thinking. Featured speakers include Terrence McKenna, Eric Davis and Timothy Leary. Well worth checking out the host Lorenzo and his lectures, i particularly enjoyed 001 – Psychedelic Thinking.

Corbett Report -The Corbett Report provides a weekly podcast as well as interviews, articles and videos about current events and suppressed history from an independent perspective.

Coast to Coast – From alterntive accounts of ancient history to cultural satirism. Some off the wall contention and occassionally some really wacky stuff but it’s interesting none the less and it’s worth keeping your mind open. This is the place to go if you really don’t believe their account of how the pyramids were made.


This page of Alternative News Sources is constantly being updated.

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