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  1. This page is dedicated to the spreading of interesting ideas that you wont hear about on tv, the news or generally anywhere in the normal public sphere.

Important People who Think Differently:

George Carlin (Illusion of Choice)

Bill Hicks (Life is Just a Ride)

Gandhi (Speech on Non-Violence)

Terrence McKenna (Culture is your operating system)

Alan Watts (On Conforming to Society)

Truth about World Politics/Global Conspiracies:

Rockefeller Tells it How it Really Is – Are they laughing from an uneasy fear or do they really think he’s joking?

Arundhati Roy (We) / Come September (Full Speech) – Quote: “when independent thinking people, and here i do not include the corporate media, begin to rally under flags; when writers, artists, film makers blindly yoke their art to the service of the nation, it is time for all of us to sit up and worry” Arundhati Roy, We  00.09.30.

Esoteric Agenda



JFK Speech

Alex Jones Interviews Aaron Russo about 9-11

Truth about Money:

Fractional Reserve banking

Fiat Currency

Money Masters

Real Activists:

The Yes Men Fix The World

Alternative Thoughts on Drugs

Terrence McKenna – Why Psychedelics are Interesting

Joe Rogan – On DMT


A Higher Conscious Conversation

Symmachy – Thinking Differently, Fighting Together