“I’m not sleeping I jus…

“I’m not sleeping I just blinked and forgot to open my eyes” – A wise introspective.

I think this pretty much sums up our culture.

“Get them while they’re young”

It is very clear that we are being conditioned by the state from an early age and forced into a system of fear based control. At my younger sister’s school the children are… Continue reading

Geared For War

Are they gearing us up for war in Syria or Iran do you think ? Tell me, is the death of 1 journlist, ONE JOURNALIST, more important than say, a political struggle against… Continue reading

Working Through the Beauty

Passionately in love with freedom; isolation from necessities of commerce, I’m alone in my room with my words; unemployed some might say, but I employ myself. I don’t wake to sleep through y… Continue reading

Individuality: Redefined

I don’t think people are weak as such, I think many of them choose to be weak by viewing ‘individuality’ as a kind of dead and scornful concept because it doesn’t reinforce the… Continue reading

Occupy London: You are dismissed

In the early hours of last night protestors from the worldwide movement “Occupy” were forcefully removed from their site of peaceful protest at London’s St. Pauls Cathedral. The voters, active consumers and democratic… Continue reading

Freedom: Redefined – A Modern Definition in Need of a Shake-Up – Think Differently

Good evening world! Before I begin I have a small message: This blog was created to spread a great number of  ideas and sources of information that can enlighten, expand and shape the… Continue reading