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The Awakened Individual – Defined?

Symmachy  | Thinking Differently  | Awakened Individual As a proportional representation, the awakened individual probably accounts for under 1% of human beings on the planet. While this is a relatively small proportion I’m… Continue reading

Expression and Emotion – Redefined

Symmachy  | Thinking Differently  | Expression & Emotion Standard Definitions: 1)      Expression (n.): a series of unique thoughts, emotions and feelings made known in words by an individual. 2)      Emotion (n.): Particular feelings… Continue reading

Education: A Definition – Revisited

Symmachy  | Thinking Differently  | Education Albert Einstein famously said that “Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school” and it’s hard to disagree with him. Education… Continue reading

Individuality: Redefined

I don’t think people are weak as such, I think many of them choose to be weak by viewing ‘individuality’ as a kind of dead and scornful concept because it doesn’t reinforce the… Continue reading

Freedom: Redefined – A Modern Definition in Need of a Shake-Up – Think Differently

Good evening world! Before I begin I have a small message: This blog was created to spread a great number of  ideas and sources of information that can enlighten, expand and shape the… Continue reading