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Rocking the Boat: The Plight of the Individual

Symmachy  | Thinking Differently  | Plight of the Individual Incarcerated and positioned constantly on the periphery of life, the individual benefits from his own wisdom just long enough to be castigated and held-to… Continue reading

The Escape of Adolf Hitler – Sky News/Red Ice Interviews Gerrard Williams

Startling New Information reveals that Hitler did not die in Berlin 1945 but escaped to Argentina with Eva Braun. For more information please listen to the Full interview on Red Ice Radio.

You are Not Alone: 50 Million Cultural Creatives!

Symmachy  | Thinking Differently  | 50 Million Cultural Creatives – You Are Not Alone! It has come to my attention of late that I am justifying the continuance of this blog in the… Continue reading

Drugs – Defining the Ignorant Mentality as a “Place”

Symmachy  | Thinking Differently  | Drugs & Ignorance Our views on drugs are formed in a state of unconscious ignorance at an age where we have no conception of their true functions or… Continue reading

Boycott: It’s Tesco’s Turn!

Symmachy  | Thinking Differently  | Boycott Tesco I thought it would be nice to instill a bit of cultural pride back into the black sheep out there with a carnival like festival: Boycott!… Continue reading

False Flags and Psy Ops

As plans to invade Iran, conveniently the world’s third largest reserve of oil, come to a head (see attached link for uncanny links to recent invasions of certain “rogue-nations”), I thought it pertinent… Continue reading

Medication for Depression – The Fraud

Finally, documented proof that anti-depressants don’t work. Take mushrooms and meditate!

Geared For War

Are they gearing us up for war in Syria or Iran do you think ? Tell me, is the death of 1 journlist, ONE JOURNALIST, more important than say, a political struggle against… Continue reading

Occupy London: You are dismissed

In the early hours of last night protestors from the worldwide movement “Occupy” were forcefully removed from their site of peaceful protest at London’s St. Pauls Cathedral. The voters, active consumers and democratic… Continue reading