About Symmachy

Symmachy (n.)
1. Fighting together or in an alliance with an ally (or allies).
2. Fighting jointly against a common enemy.
This blog is about the search for truth and the freedom that is found within the truth of knowledge. What lessons I have learnt I will try and share to the best of my ability, for knowledge is power. This power I speak of is not the power to control, but power to resist and deny control that is unethically exercised over us everyday.

I will try to redefine certain notions, certain concepts of the world and shed light on news, debates and philosophies that seem prevalent and prescient to our age.

If you have ever felt that the forces operating in the world do not represent you, if it has ever seemed like everything that is happening is so predictable that you’re suprised no-one isn’t noticing it, then you’re in the right place.

People are starting to wake up, they’re starting to realise that this world doesn’t represent them, it represents the interests of the elite, the few, the controllers. These people exist in the forms of organisations, businesses, occult groups, you name it. It’s all real, it’s all true.

The world disparages such thought and no doubt this blog will be labelled as any other free-thinking source of information and ideas will. That’s ok. We can operate outside their scope of influence. We don’t have to listen to what they want us to believe. Switch off the noise and turn on the light. There’s going to be a great wake up sooner or later, be there for it!



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