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Hey guys, thought i’d update Symmachy with something a little away from the standard. I realise I’ve been away for a while but that’s not for lack of care or active involvement in the Symmachy method: generating new philosophies, networking groups of likeminded souls or voices in the wilderness, spreading the new ideas and coalescing together to really feel the times that we have the right to embrace and mould.

I’d like to really thank those kind and engaging individuals who’ve helped to support Symmachy in our slow build-up towards educating and spreading these new philosophies. While our achievements are currently still thin on the ground, the support and interest that I’ve observed so far has filled me with hope that there are plenty of you out there who have a lot more imagination that this society currently supports. So thanks to the followers of Symmachy and again, if you wish to contribute your help would be much appreciated. Post your positive philosophies on the New Philosophies page, tell us about your Positive Drug Stories, contribute to the Symposium Blog Posts or promote a boycott protest of a company you think really deserves our displeasure…

I knocked this piece of stream of consciousness prose together last week as an expose of my hope that we can generate a new kind of thinking, of awakening into a paradigm shift of epic proportions. This view that we can completely revitalise our human consciousness away from the consumerist nightmare that we’re up to our eye balls in is something I think can ring true with a lot of you out there. We’re all searching for something in life and I believe we’ve reached a decadent stage in our society. Something has to give. The game of life or the “cosmic dance” as Alan Watts dubs it, just isn’t interesting enough to sustain us anymore.

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Awake: Where Open Eyes are Gleaming… Chasing illusions down the side alleys of Birmingham suburbs, cracked with déjà vu, almost incandescent with the brightness of god. He reaches the lampshade, swinging, pitched from where all light flows, humming and breathing into his shrouded dharma-mind, caught in the wheel of life and death. Now here and towards the future the healing can truly begin. Smash it! Smash the bulbs; falling shards of shattered glass, raining. Falling sharp the burning drops of hateful lighted fear, cleaning. Know the darkness and see the nothing; wake up my fellow gods, arise, arise to the time of your ascendance. Seek the craving for dreams much-more-than-these; the eternal fantasy of worlds in flux combined in Blake-like vision from the mind of highest sight. Libretto de Wolfgang we sing the words, where castanets in time are clapping; no tears for dancing birth on starry starry nights. Cushion the head with warm thoughts and know the Moksha limelight. Gaze upon the fragile past; the cosseted being wrapped in a blanket, so poor in anxiety and grief, tied to the pain of being at the end of night in blisters, dreaming; so sore and burnt from believing. Pity the painted faces for they are you in masks and games. Hold up the mind to the newly-rising-time, fresh from psychedelic journeys, of shocked and awestruck eyes, torn from shaman dreams; trickling tea cups, rituals sipped in circles of light, chanting faith to pit-stop faith, living reprieve to reprieve. Cancel the contract and hand write between the lines; the elder’s night is over and as children we greet the dawn. Holding hands together, one, born in a jamboree, the time of change to a kinder age; old men lost without their thrones, blown now from mind when all are one and your brother’s pain is yours. No sadist times are these. Join hands. Join hands. The rhythm beats inside, drumming boom boom the African call of birth and new delight; the drawn skin over flesh and bone? But so much more! So much more! We have faced the time and now for dreams anew; fill the void with splendours more and join together what was torn apart. This is the time where life is re-divined. Moloch curls in the ashes of its keep and streets are empty in stalls of elegant rubble. This land is no-man’s land, and we shall live in joy again.

Hare Hare, Dharma Dharma, The Open Eyes are Gleaming….


As an update to my absence of late I’d like to give some info on an upcoming featured article that’s been consuming a lot of my time. I’ve been networking with various groups, homeless people and free-thinking individuals and I’ve been trying to come up with some new ideas about what we can do to evolve our consciousness for the benefit of the individual. Right here and right now we can make this change and I believe it’s in the mind.

No matter how deep we’re sinking in this Moloch society there’s still something that they can’t take away. With corporate psychopaths dominating the intent of humanity, bypassing basic human decency with a vane, sadistitc and profligate intent to control and profit; with our freedoms being restricted and denied on almost daily basis; with society closing its eyes and walking blindly into the Orwellian wet-dream that we call freedom….there is still something there that calls out and I’m beginning to feel it more and more as time goes on.

This new feature will draw together the views of two kinds of peripheral figures in society. Those who chose to live on the fringes and those who are forced to be there. I’m going to try and suggest, with healthy input from some obliging interviewees, that where you are can be more than a predicament. If we can change our point of view to think that this is where we are and we control it, nobody put us here but ourselves and we are free to think of ourselves as active and loving individuals….then we really can change this thing and shift the paradigm.

More coming soon on Symmachy….

Keep Thinking Differently. Keep Fighting Together.