Occupy: Official Protest Song?

We Know That We’re Right – Bodhi Prajna

I’ve produced this as an anthemic protest about the overtly exercised powers of corporate consumerism and globalised greed. A running aim of this song is as a protest to support the Occupy Movement. All Rights for this song are public so please share it onwards along with the Occupy website

Do you think it should be the official song? It’s not really up to me but I’d love to see the Occupy Movement have an audible anthem. This song has been produced as a pean to the Occupy movement and a tribute to their collectivist struggle.

We need to get the ball rolling again here, to start up the Occupy Protests across the country in areas where they have been illegally removed i.e. London, Bristol etc.

Symmachy will be posting a new page on the site for musical protest contributions so if you have a youtube video of your protest song please post it to Protest Songs: Promote Your Voice

Thanks for Your Help Guys