Conformity: The Underdeveloped Imagination of Pure Ego

Conformity - Underdeveloped Imagination

Conformity: The result of an Underdevloped Imagination

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It’s interesting to notice how you got to where you are now, don’t you think? Life is a journey we all take, arriving at a destination unknown to the driver…some intangible force that directs this being.

I was wondering to myself the other day why we all entertain an idea of seriousness. The economy is serious, to go to school is serious because you’ve got to get a job and you’ve got to entertain the idea of attraction to procreate and get a house and on and on and on. But where does that come from? It’s all around us and it is in childhood that we develop the meme. It all comes back to those impressionable moments in out formative years where we are trying to act in a way that seems appropriate to those around us.To Conform. To Lose our Imagination. To Subscribe to the Ego and Pure Egoism.

Your parents and your teachers and all adults tell you what to do and while you may resist it, eventually you relinquish and toe the line, at least to some extent.

The greatest game that children seem to play now, at younger and younger ages, is the game of imitating adulthood; the game of copy-cat. This is the terrible trap. Young girls put on clothes that are much to old for them, revealing areas that aren’t developed and are become overtly sexualised in a way that makes the whole thing really quite unsettling and unpleasant. You see these imitations and it makes you cringe. They act like adults in their hand movements; they “play the game” of adulthood, really and totally believing that this is what they are. This creates a self-obsession. They are the norm and they must maintain this fantasy of the norm and place all efforts into building the shirade, maintaining it and playing up to the idea they have of it in their conformity. This idea is reciprocated in those around them; their friends who fashionably associate themselves to this norm, this “correct” way of behaviour and the parents who approve of the “grown upness” of their child; now suddendly taking responsibility much earlier than they could have ever hoped and at last, they’re being quiet! Oh Thank God, finally they understand the way it’s supposed to be!

So it goes on. The game of adulthood eventually bleeds into adulthood itself and you don’t recall it happening, you don’t even know who you are in the game of conformity. We call this a natural transition – “You’re becoming a man”. This is a common phrase attributed to boys at a certain age, the age at which they seem to comply to social conventions and norms. Maybe it happens when you take your first drink or set up your first bank account or whatever, but you only become a man when you fit this model…you see? It isn’t a physical thing, because everyone develops at a different rate, both physically and mentally. It is in the adoptance of a behavioural model that we become men (or women) and it is this that is aspired to by young children. We look up as people, we look forwards assuming that age is wisdom, that might is right etc.

Be Yourself - Non-Conformity

Be Yourself: Non-Conformity of the Mind

There are some, black sheep or ugly ducklings or whatever you want to call them, that don’t play the game of copy-cat. They are non-conformists and it is meaningless to them; they’re enjoying where they are and they don’t give a damn who likes them and who doesn’t. We attribute this to a kind of natural selection in our post-darwinian society, this pseudo-religious superstructure that we have evolved out of the wreckage of christianity; the new belief. Only those who play the game are going to get the prize. But what is the prize at the end of the game? What is the goal to which this creation of a trite imitative consciousness is leading up to? We fill our lives full of the mundane and the impermanent, slaving away under a system of pre-conditioned beliefs and under flags and governments that we feel represent us and then we die, just as clueless as we were when we first started playing copy-cat.

We seem to like indulging our selves in that which is familial and that which appears to occupy a higher position of power. We do see might as right. We believe what we see on TV because we aspire to be on it, it makes us important. We believe what the government says because they’re on the TV aswell, they’re supported by the media who seem to trust them implicitly, and we never question. We play the game or copy-cat and become conformists, over populating the planet with pretty imitations of ourselves. We don’t see this fact because we’re so self-obsessed in some new form of conformity; making something new of our bodies or our homes to make them like something else. It is in this way, amongst others, that the consciousness of the everyday individual is diminished and the ego expanded in some lustful self-fulfillment. We continue to try for things in this blind way. To do your best, to achieve. But what can we achieve? Only that which others have told us is worth achieving.

Real imagination is diminished in conformity and you can only do what is in the cultural eye. The powers that be, the new world order, whatever you want to call them…They manipulate this, they know that people go along and it won’t be long until they outright tell us that they’re destorying our freedoms and there’s nothing we can do about it.

I believe it’s time for a new philosophy!

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