You are Not Alone: 50 Million Cultural Creatives!

Cultural Creatives: Shaping the World Anew

Cultural Creatives: Shaping the World Anew

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It has come to my attention of late that I am justifying the continuance of this blog in the hope of some kind of conversion, that when all is said and done I will make a difference for even one person who wasn’t aware of the kind of information I was writing about until they stumbled across it. I believed until very recently, when I was fortunate enough to come across the psychedelic salon (do check this site out) and listened to an excellent lecture from Lorenzo Hagerty, that really, I was in a minority. I believed that the few of us who knew about what was going on here were pretty much alone in all this. That is to say that, no matter what I said, I would only really be able to reach those who were “switched on” and that that information could do no more than corroborate with what they already knew or at least suspected. It seemed worthwhile to me to continue in this vein and propagate the idea of truth, or at least one version of many truths in the world, to those who search for more, otherwise how is anything going to change?

However, after listening to Lorenzo Hagerty and his excellent lecture on “Psychedelic Thinking“, it was brought to my attention that around 1/4 of American’s would quite happily fit into the mind-set of a cultural creative, that is to say that they are people who would be happy to look outside the current scheme of things for new alternatives. (1) One quarter of all Americans! If this estimate is correct then that’s nearly 78 million people. There’s an army of individuals out there just waiting to be turned on to this stuff! Now that gave me hope, not that I could preach to these people and convert them into some psychonautic explorer of my own interlocking philosophy, to smash the system with a might fist with the call of “we are the 99%” or some other equally uncompromising thing. There are 50+ million people out there who are willing to open up their heads and start changing things, to start cranking the gears and start changing the pre-programmed thinking and I think this proves there is no better time than now to start spreading the word. We can start acting, you know? Do what Alex Jones says about Boycotting(2), pick a company, get everyone together and just don’t shop there. My big one this month is Tesco, a global monopoly run by psychopathic autocrats who want nothing more than to have a Tesco on every street corner. There even going to put RFD chips onto products so you can be scanned anywhere you go. For more information on this, check out the Symmachy post, Boycott: It’s Tesco’s Turn.

You see this only works if we all dig our feet in and say “I’m gonna pay the extra so you don’t take it later”, because it’s only a matter of time until they do folks. The competition will be destroyed and what option will we have but to buy products at their extortionate prices?

This has been a bit of a deviation from my standard blog type and has turned into a bit of a rant but I think it’s worth letting you all in on the importance of this fact: You aren’t alone. They want you to think you are and you’re probably a little bit afraid to speak up about this stuff because, what happens again and again, you get slammed to the stone with mockery and derision. But keep spreading the word because there are people out there who are ready to listen!

Keep Thinking Differently, Keep Fighting Together



2 Alex Jones’ current action is Boycott the NFL – If you are American then definitely watch, if not still watch Alex Jones is spot on in his cultural can opening here)