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As a proportional representation, the awakened individual probably accounts for under 1% of human beings on the planet. While this is a relatively small proportion I’m still having an obvious difficulty in defining them1. While I will try to shed some light on how I think on this I must point out that these definitions are formed merely from my own understandings of words. This post serves to highlight what I believe counts you as among that privileged and empowered section of society; the intelligentsia.

I borrow a definition from Terrence McKenna here to define Intelligentsia as “those who get it”, meaning those who understand the way society runs in a way that is free from an engrained cultural assumption. This intelligentsia does not include academics, something partially defined in the previous post but refined here to refer to:

Those men who do not express the truth but stick to tenured and fettered meme’s… those who regurgitate information within the realms of a cultural programming. This sub-category of societal strata attains information with intent to propagate the continuance of agendas at the sacrifice of a decent and honest purpose (either knowingly or unknowingly)

One of the main purposes of Symmachy is to evolve concepts and create new structures of thought. We can try to do this by redefining some linguistic concepts and by creating new definitions where there seems to be an inadequacy on the part of our cultural language structures.

In this blogging format there is a lot of room for grouping themes and purposes. Similarly the mind of the intellectual uses the understanding of links to group various phenomenons together with their concomitant agendas. An observable example of a link can be seen in the apparent multiplication of choice in the trivial aspects of life (consumer products) and the relative collapse of choice in those sectors of real importance, where we can daily view the rise of: the dominance of monopolistic power; the ubiquitous presence of a biased media; the dissemination of a single cultural, consumer led “thought process” etc. The intellectual links these phenomenons back to the source, collecting information from those available outlets2 and constructing an informed opinion on the common purpose. This can often be done by adding up the effects of various causes and finding out who benefits from these effects in the long term. Observing these links is all part of waking up; a major part of my re-definition of the term intelligentsia, which I refer to loosely as:

…those who link observable phenomena in the attempt to discern a common source and uncover possible agendas. These intellectuals are actors in a culture and yet they are outside of its “cultural operating system” (McKenna), shaping the world by their own understandings not those of hierarchical systems. These individuals can be nothing but individual, otherwise they would merely be the by-products of a society, its negative reflection; merely another layer of socially conditioned strata. These people question the information they receive and do not blindly submit to “reliable sources”; they shun intellectual frameworks and seek a form of expression that comes from the inside. This comes not from the regurgitation of other thinkers but from the development of new philosophies, using the backdrop of other great thinkers as a platform for original thought3

As all movements pass others take their place and it is in the intelligentsia where these movements will find their vanguard. As is natural there will be a continuance of sorts when our decadent society eventually falls and I believe it will be the responsibility of these awakened individuals to create a positivist philosophy that will shape a generation of “thinking” individuals. People generally want something to look up to, to follow somebody but they don’t know the way themselves. The intelligentsia I refer to holds no snobbery, no bigotry. I do not believe that the awakened individuals are better in any means just because they are more aware. We play our part just as the led play there’s. We are all human, all flawed by the limitations of our species and all subjects of our society and as John Stuart Mill says,

“Society is insipid. It discourages serious discussion; it is useful only to social climbers, while those already at the top can do no more than comply with the customs and demands of their station…worst of all it is debasing to the intellectual, who can only be lowered by contact with it” (On Liberty, p. 20).

We must be aware therefore what a slippery slope it is and how being awake implies having been asleep before. Therefore there is a great responsibility towards waking others up as well.

Keep Thinking Differently. Keep Fighting Together


1 Definitions, it should be observed, are not final things, but changing concepts that evolve with time and our necessity of them within a cultural epoch. Words lose meaning and some are dropped, others retain usage but lose prevalence and power and should be rekindled with the vigour they deserve and that we attain through our understandings of them.

2. Please view the “alternative news sources” section on this site and feel free to comment any decent links, this is by no means exhaustive and will be updated regularly. Also check out the “New Philosophies” section and help us evolve some new ideas.

2 As Aristotle suggests, there is no such thing as an “innate” or truly original idea/thought. Everything we know is, no matter how hard we try, conditioned by utterances that went before it in the logos of the universe. All we can do is to form a construct of ideas that seems original from reasoned and awakened thought.