Boycott: It’s Tesco’s Turn!

The Real Cost of Shopping with the Boss.

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I thought it would be nice to instill a bit of cultural pride back into the black sheep out there with a carnival like festival: Boycott! Every month we will be doing a feature on an evil company of your choice, highlighting the public woes and wanton proclivities of these monopolistic despots who are lowering our cultural values in the name of a few quick quid (all votes can be messaged to the “Boycott” page on this site).

This month the lucky son of a gun is Tesco, the family fun house of “stack it high, sell it cheap” merchandise. The business has gone from strength to strength over the past few decades: buying up hundreds of local businesses in an expansionary lust:

“…In the 1950s the retailer bought 70 Williams stores and 200 Harrow stores, followed by 97 Charles Philips stores and the Victor Value chain in the early 1960s.” (Tim Clark, Telegraph, History of Tesco)

destroying the alternatives for the consumer and defeating other local competition through its undeserved purchasing power; entering foreign markets such as Malaysia, India and Thailand to propogate their monopolistic greed on even poorer nations who’ll settle for less:

“South African suppliers have described the way in which Tesco pushes prices down and makes unreasonable demands for expensive packaging that must be paid for by the supplier. Workers describe how this impacts on them in lack of employment rights and poor conditions including lack of protective clothing” (Friends of the Earth)

While we bow down to the convenience culture servitude sweeping the nation (and indeed the world), shopping for the local ease, the cheap prices, the variety, the simple services offered, the ability to buy everything in one place – while we do this, blindly it seems, they fuck us up the ass… again and again an aain. By destroying the local competition the cheap prices that Tesco propagates and that we actively embrace, they destroy future competition nad guess what happens to prices when a highly necessary commodity like food loses its competition? Hmm…im sure these oligopolies wont put their heads together and price fix or anything….

Alongside immoral activities in the sphere of global competition, friendly-fuckers Tesco have also introduced a novel way of tracking your product purchases and spying on you by using state of the art RFID chips on their products…whey, good one Tesco! :D. An RFID chip is what you have on your credit card, meaning it can be swiped across and read remotely. These chips can also be used for less convenient purposes of course and as Tesco plans to replace the current bar-code system with this RFID chip system even including the chip on clothing – won’t it be nice to be scanned through every door in the world? They won’t need cameras then will they? Ahh I feel safer already, it’ll help with the war on terror wont it and im 100% confident that there’s absolutely no way they’ll pass this information on to governments and investigation bureaus…no, they wouldn’t do that!

While Tesco will no-doubt be a minority progenitor of this product it wont be long untill other companies tag on to the excellent idea of keeping tabs on our movements, purchases and impulses, allowing them to capitalise and influence our shopping preferences in a world of free-share privte information. What an excellent means of market research Tesco have found…nothing at all like Minority Report (here’s a fun video) ! Is this is a bad thing..hmmm.. i don’t know because I am a puppet person and I shop where its easy because EASY IS GOOD! Seriously though people you don’t need to look far to know this is ridiculous.

For more information on this scheme visit

So, if it seems easy to shop in Tesco think of the cost. This is a cost not only for the suppliers; forced to bow down to unethical terms and conditions. This is not only a cost for the communities and local businesses which Tesco’s purchasing power drives away. Not only for fair trade. Not only for ethics… but for you! You’re freedom in the long term is at stake here and while it’s easy to assume it wont affect you and that the government will save you from such an immoral scheme then try to remember….the government is in the pocket of such businesses!

Don’t shop in Tesco. Not just this month, but ever! Show them where the power rests…it’s in your hands.

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