False Flags and Psy Ops

As plans to invade Iran, conveniently the world’s third largest reserve of oil, come to a head (see attached link for uncanny links to recent invasions of certain “rogue-nations”), I thought it pertinent to bring some people up to speed on the means the New World Order propagate in the promotion of their wars. Here’s a small introduction to a few Key Terms, useful for noticing media deceptions and political ploys:

Media Mind Control

Are You Brainwashed? No? PROVE IT!

False Flag Operations:

A False flag is when a country, military group, organisation etc, masquerades under the colours of another when committing an act. These acts are generally of a military nature and are often pivotal in creating stirring implications between conflicting nations. Generally these acts have a wider implication towards generating anger and sympathies towards a certain position.

Historical Example:

  • The Reichstag, the German parliamentary building, was supposedly burnt down by a Communist conspirator in 1933. This ploy, though never fully proved (but come on now!), gave the government the motivation to suspend civil liberties and arrest communist sympathisers (including communist party members) in Germany.  The Nazi party were then elevated to a majority position which allowed Hitler to gain a stronghold of political power and public support.

Info: For further examples of Historical False Flag operations please visit Set You Free News

Recent Example:

  • The Twin Towers, NYC, were destroyed on September 11, 2001. The “official” (a spurious definition, one that will be re-defined on Symmachy at a later date) account of this attack painted the blame on Taliban terrorist group, al-Quaeda. Whether you believe this or not, (I have the deepest sympathies for you if you still do after informing yourself through sources outside the big media outlets) it is clear that this attack bears similar hallmarks to that of the Reichstag. The US government’s retaliation to find and Kill Osama Bin Laden has spread to an attack on terrorism, and generally Islamic nations in general, across the glove. The attack has given motivation to reduction of civil liberties in the supposed “war on terror”. This war has met little but support from the general populace which is no doubt natural, due to the high emotional sympathies stirred in individuals after the 9-11 attacks. However the true effects are much more dangerous than this naked and obvious war for profit and oil. This false flag operation has been a constant stimulus for continuing criminal activity at home and abroad. It has helped to elicit support for illegal and unrelated invasions for the sideline profiteers and given false- justification for new restrictions in the freedoms of the nation is apparently fighting for

We put up with this in the fear of an enemy that does not exist but is continually supported by the corrupt mainstream media and posited into the mouths of our puppet leaders. This attack was clearly too perfect to have not been an inside job and is a perfect example of a false flag operation, attacking their own nation in the guise of a foreign decoy.

Please check out Zeitgeist which, while biased as it does not mention free-masons or the Illuminati, does give “some” information that is relatively accurate.

Psychological Operations (Psy Ops) in Media:

A Psy Ops is when the agenda of certain influential parties (Illuminati, NWO, big businesses etc) makes its way into the public eye in the form of loaded information. Of course the term psy ops could be taken as an abstraction for anything that happens in the mainstream media these days but ploughing dangerously on into more controversial fields…. These psi-ops are generally used to influence the masses and keep them riled up into backing a position. Psy ops are continually used in the run up to any military action and if you want to know what country we’ll be bombing the fuck out of next, it’s generally gonna be a “brown” nation, as George Carlin dubs them, check out your local propagandist outlet today.

The current emphases on stories associated with Iran or Syria, for example, are played up over the negative actions occurring in other, less important/valuable, countries. Most of these psi ops follow a particular side instead of telling the news how it actually is. It is often likely to see two unrelated stories placed side by side to induce a common meme. E.G:

1. Iranian man throws hand grenade at people in Bali

2. Iran given ultimatum by NATO etc.

We constantly get fed the idea of Iranians being bad, so they’re the enemy, the big Persian bad boys. How does one rogue Iranian man, if indeed he was rogue, represent the Iranian nation? This is a psy-ops.

To Summarise: It is very necessary for those of us wishing to remain properly informed that we check the motivation for what is being promoted by the mainstream media. When you hear something in the mainstream media take into account that these are corporations not Buddhist monks. They have agendas and they are all owned by the elite who also own shares in companies like Lockheed Martin and Union Carbine. THINK. Who Profits? What is this leading to? They do tell you the news but not directly. When they tell you there’s stuff going on in Syria or Iran and they tell you lots why not ask why other conflicts aren’t being publicised? Why not ask why we won’t invade Egypt, Tunisia or Yemen for example? All countries with current political unrest. Hmm. Keep Thinking Differently folks…