Alien Invasion Fleet – The New Enemy

UFO Invasion Fleet: Perfect for Mass Hysteria says New World Order

Fake alien invasion fleet coming your way soon baby! Oh yeah the new world order have got their finger on the button for this one. This supposed alien fleet will probably come in the form of a WikiLeaks or some Alternative source soon. Look out for an attack at the Olympic Games this year (spread this info around then people might question it when something happens and not say “oh you conspiracy theorists”). We all know now that the illuminati is getting quite good at playing the part of the conspiritors advocate but they NEVER mention free-masons and the illuminati in their productions (fun fact).

This news source about the Alien Invasion will be played out as a leak; like we’re not supposed to know about the government’s secret awareness of UFO’s and now we know they’re gonna spill the beans. This will probably be an initiative for them to spend fuck loads of money and to increase taxes to “protect” us from this new fear in the form of a global weapons system; one of a long list that has included russia, terrorism, 3rd world nations. Their influence to create increased fear continues and it won’t be long until they openly admit this is a fucking orwell state, man they can do what they want can’t they? I can barely believe this but I’m hardly surprised tbh….Check out Werner Von Braun. Many thanks on those who brought this to my attention.

This is the source of the new meme. Beware of this information this is clearly mind-fuck information; this is the ultimate way to control societies, how would you react if you thought UFoO’s had been sighted over your home town? Dyou reckon youd buy into a government initiative for defence-system weapons?

They’re playing it from the conspiracy angle so we fall for this shit.The idea is that we get this info first, the “conspiracy” people, so that when they deliver it officially to the plebian society we go along with it as well.

Do some investigations people, comments much appreciated.

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