“Get them while they’re young”

It is very clear that we are being conditioned by the state from an early age and forced into a system of fear based control. At my younger sister’s school the children are awarded “dolphin points” as a reward for good work and these are taken away for bad behaviour. This is a clea simulation of a money based system, teaching children to toe the line and compete with their neighbours.
Alongside this form of mind-control comes the orwellian theme of children actually being encouraged to report rule breaking and warn other children that their dolphin points will be taken away. The children are invested with powers whereby they are the controlled yet also the controllers – Nazi War Camps spring to mind (if only much a much more exaggerated system of control)
Children are scared of breaking the status quo and it’s not just the teachers, it’s their friends and most of the parents go along with it to. Just think how easy it wil lbe for the powers that be to control these children in later life. Except it wont be dolphin points, it’ll be cash, loans, cars and mortgages. Friend on friend, coveting, defending the system with a tyrannical intensity that isn’t based on love of consumerism but fear of it.

This article is an excellent summation of how much the tyranny is spreading.