Occupy London: You are dismissed

Occupy London

In the early hours of last night protestors from the worldwide movement “Occupy” were forcefully removed from their site of peaceful protest at London’s St. Pauls Cathedral.

The voters, active consumers and democratic participants of the movement, known as human beings, were removed from this sight of peaceful protest by force and 20 people were arrested after refusing to submit to the gestapo-like powers the state employed to remove them. Baliffs in hi-viz jackets forcibly tore down tents and removed the protestors at the London sight.

Alongside this blatent breach of human free will ( a doctrine that suggests as long as you aren’t harming anyone else then basically you can go about your business – For more info see John Stuart Mill: The Harm Principle), the totalitarian government proceeded to evict protestors from their office at the Occupy London School of Ideas building. The fascist state then proceeded to destroy the building before allowing members of the Occupy movement to collect their things.

For more information on the illegal eviction please visit the Occupy London Website

We aren’t free, that much is clear.

The Occupy movement is a massive upheval across the world spanning () countries and over () cities with its protests. While some of these protests have been small and counterproductive (Occupy Bristol comes to mind – more on this below), others are clearly very real and the participants actively and soulfully engaged in its principles.

The belief of the movement is that the working concepts of fiat currency and interest rates are inherently wrong and prop up a system that is inherently flawed because it only benefits the elite and the oh-so-very-rich. They believe, quite correctly, that bringing back usury laws to destory the concept of interest


This is a system eshewed by religions unanimously as being one of immoral and unsustainable stupidity and utter brilliance. You see, money doesn’t actually exist. It’s created in the mind of individuals who believe that what they covet, earn and spend is money. But it isn’t real because it has no basis. It used to be that gold was the staple to which money was tied. Paper money was merely a receipt to the goldsmith who would keep your gold for you. The circulation of paper money came about when people realised that it was a lot easier to carry about. Anyway, goldsmiths realised that it was very unlikely that everyone would come and collect their gold at once so they starting producing more receipts which they gave out as loans, with interest attached. Banks generally give out ten times as much money as they actually have and if they charged, say, 8% interest on these loans they would make 80% profit on the actual gold they had. Governments squandered their gold years ago. There’s fuck all in fort knox and money is merely “legal tender” which means fuck all as they keep printing a few billion every couple of months. The system is wrong because it means they can print what they like and its brilliant because they can print what they like. See?

  • USURY:

The concept of usury used to mean the charging of interest at any rate on loans taken from money lenders. The term was extended into a canoncial law Canon Law in 325 which forbade the charging of interest on loans! This follows on from the teachings of such renowned philosophers as Aristotle and Aquinas whose view was that:

declaring that the purpose of money was to serve the members of society and to facilitate the exchanges of goods needed to lead a virtuous life” and that  Interest puts an unnecessary burden on use of money, innterest is therefore contrary to reason and justice” – Quoted from Paul Bond – “The Money Game”

It was the fat bastard himself, Mr. Henry VIII, who decided it would be a great idea to allow the money lenders to charge interest on their loans again, placing the nation under a tyrannical system of debt slavery to this day. Basically this system benefits those who have lots of money (high dividends) and makes slaves of those who have little (high interest payments).

For More information please watch the long, but highly informative video Money Masters.

There are also some very interesting links on the inherently flawed money system under the “Real Education” section of the site, especially those on Fractional Reserve currency.