Individuality: Redefined

Individuality: A Quest!

I don’t think people are weak as such, I think many of them choose to be weak by viewing ‘individuality’ as a kind of dead and scornful concept because it doesn’t reinforce the way they view their life and surroundings. Now I find this very understandable, mainly because this choice was made at an age where being individual was a very hard thing to do, the age where were growing up and understanding ourselves, and the last thing we need is for other people to laugh at us for understanding it all wrong. The root of this conformity resides within the early years of school education, from an impressionable age were shown that being yourself is nothing but trouble to add to the already scary concept of living among people you don’t know in a place that’s at first unfamiliar.
‘Being yourself’, this concept in itself is perverse because at the age where you are becoming yourself you’re actually learning to be someone else, you’re not anyone yet, you will be that’s for sure, but you don’t know who to be and its generally easier to be who everyone else is, at least until you reach a better age to decide.
As time goes by you become a different somebody else, and at a certain point many of us strive to attain a different kind of norm, the idea of ‘being different’ has become cool, you could be a Goth, a Chav, an Emo, a Skater and a number of other ‘different’ things. That generally is the extent to which individuality is utilised, and the concept itself has been turned into something generic, to be in any-one of these ‘different’ groups is not to be normal (whatever that is) but it comes with its own badge of honour that is upheld by a group of other ‘different’ people, all of which prescribe to the same values in clothes, music, taste etc. Now when all of these people have chosen their own brand of differentness, is the mass of the few really normal anymore?
It’s those real individual’s who’ve got no-one to polish their badge, that walk the gauntlet of social death every day that define what being normal is really about, even if one sense of the word is distorted (that it is indeed the norm, or the majority in society). That small fraction who gave the big ‘fuck you to what you think’ and said ‘here’s what I think’, (which as far as I’m concerned is human nature, to be subjective and experience life from your own point of view) are those who face persecution by the banal elite of the world, and they’re the people who have the strength to stand up against it, in the name of all that’s original and what can be seen by a few as true individuality.

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