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Redefine Yourseld

Good evening world!

Before I begin I have a small message:

This blog was created to spread a great number of  ideas and sources of information that can enlighten, expand and shape the minds of real individuals. This change, if it has not already happened to you, must be a choice of the heart and I will not waste time trying to convince the obstinate individuals who assume a normalcy bias, use ad hominem attack and display unjustified complacency on the state of things. However, I do believe that humanity is generally curious and that most people, if they are educated freely and have broken away from certain imposed preconceptions, are open to truth via intuition and a strong impulse towards right and wrong. Those who wish to can think differently and help to change the world, if only a small part of it, if they really try. This blog is for those people… (More Follows below video)

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Only in the feeling of freedom does humanity shine at its brightest.

It is my belief, and this is a belief that no doubt appeals only to a minority within our society, that the idea of freedom has been substituted for a petty imitation. A synergy of desire and demand has been simulated to replace true conceptions of freedom and the only visible freedom we observe in our society is nothing more that our freedom to consume; to fulfil this simulated demand and desire through the exchange of money and goods.

It would be fair to regard our society as fairly shallow, hedonistic or “enthusiastic”, that we have merely become empty vessels, attempting to fill the void with all manner of expensive and desirous things. Perhaps this void can be attributed to a lack of belief; that god has left the heart and mind, spurned by a new age of science which attempts to introduce a firm, readily observable set of preconceptions about the world.

Maybe it’s down to the fast paced lives which we are forced to live, this world where information, commerce and communication can be accessed immediately. Maybe we’ve got so used to not waiting for anything and not believing in anything that we think that’s all the world should be – the here and now, the present observable world where I can get my TV set TODAY with my brand new phone that’s absolutely FREE like all my friends did.

This defines the world now, the freedom of choice, which is observable and tangible, unlike religion, and we’re encouraged and manipulated to believe in it. We aren’t interested in that which we cannot readily obtain. Why fight for freedoms of a higher kind, such as freedom from suggestion? I can choose 70 different makes of margarine at the supermarket and an apparently endless selection of mobile phone contracts; what more do I need? This choice represents our freedom, this is our ideal and we demand it. We need to contact our friends to tell them about our new phone and regale them with stories about our sordid relationships involving margarine and twins. That is freedom my friends!

Throughout history we have thought, fought and died for ideas and conceptions of freedom; whether these are based around ideas that promulgate a philosophy or proselytize a religion or those that involve the preservation of culture and family values. The willingness to fight for such things, not that we should fight per-se, has completely left modern society. The only things we are prepared to fight for are the protection of our interests and things with a high price tag. To protect ourselves from the terrorists who might destroy all that we value in a recognisable, comfortable consumerist society. To protect business from the tyrannical domain of governments. To defend democracy, not for the sake of democracy, which is an illusion, but for the sake of the economy that functions within it; both covertly and overtly. There is a startling lack of love in the things we seem to value in freedom, a surprising lack of humanity and feeling. And what do we do when something “threatens” freedom, like 9-11 say. We go and bomb the fuck out of a a straw-man set up as our enemy and rally behind our flag as if this affirms our ideal of freedom.

The idea of freedom is abstract and I don’t have time to define it here. However, I’m pretty sure that my ideal conception of the word FREEDOM has very little to do with the amount of finite material choices available to me and the amount of money that big businesses can make from the act of my choices between them.

In our new, modern and limited conception of freedom there is very little room for change or redefinition. Anyone who lives outside of our value structure or believes anything other than what the new material and secular culture teaches; anyone who “thinks differently” that is, is regarded as a nut:

“That guy lives in a wooden hut and doesn’t have a mortgage or bank loans to pay for an expensive and useless education that he attained from a university that has forced him to be a debt slave for the rest of his life. That weirdo travels the globe without a tedious job allowing him to evade the laws of governments that seek to control him through the creation of fear; the fear of not being able to pay debts due to unemployment; the fear of having his house being repossessed; the fear of being outdone by his neighbour or his school friends who he has been ruthlessly pitted against from a young age…

…That hippie grows his own food instead of buying it at extortionate prices from the oligarchic businesses that profess to offer us choice while really all they do is destroy the independent competition through purchasing power and low prices that destroy our ability to choose. That loon reads and walks the fields when he could be watching the TV that gives us the freedom to distract ourselves from the real horrors that are being perpetrated by the corporations who control the programming….

….The clown believes the free world we live in is in fact controlled by these businesses who manipulate world governments through their interests in gold or oil or power. That kook adds up all the times said governments have lied to us over the course of history and believes that the free-media outlets across the world, which are owned by leading foundations and organisations such as the Rockefeller’s and the Rothschild’s, are spreading propaganda and generating psi ops to make us support their illegal wars and sordid interests….

…That conspiracy nut thinks that these interests are in fact linked to the fact that said organisations also hold shares in weapons companies like Lockheed Martin and that huge loans will have to be taken out, first generated by the free-thinking, free-choice individuals of the world through ever-increasing taxes and cuts on public spending. The idiot believes, in-fact, that the fractional reserve currency system which is in fact a system of debt is actually geared towards generating efficient debt slaves that are ignorant of the fact that only 3% or less of the money in society actually exists, that banks generate extortionate profits from the interest rates of money they lend out (ten times the money they generally have) and reap massive dividends from their shared investments….

….The seditious slime ball believes that it is wrong of these corporations, bankers and collected organisations who “in-fact” dictate government policy and agenda and impose the figureheads of our state, are wrong to make us pay back the money that never existed and was extorted from the labour of those too ignorant to see they were being ripped off in the first place. In short I hate this man who wants to tell me my entire world view is based on the fallacy that I am actually free and not a mere gear in the well oiled machine of the new world order.”

The world is geared and those gears are all working to move it in a single direction. One where the world is unified in mind and spirit, where we all believe in the rights of businesses because they define free-society, a world where we believe in interest and the lottery and wealth because it makes our lives easier. But it doesn’t. We spend our whole lives trying to pay everything off that we bought to make it more easy (cars, houses, phones) and miss out on the things that we could have been enjoying in their absence. We think wealth, which very few of us ever truly attain, will solve our unhappiness but it doesn’t and the fact that we are paying for the minority to work that out tells me there is something wrong with the system.

Freedom? You call this freedom. Some serious thought needs to be put into what we truly want out of this world or we will lose it forever. We need to break free. We need to redefine. Destroy their fake concepts through non-violent non co-operation. Start a protest, quit your job, travel the world, pray, make your own bank holiday and don’t buy anything, get a tent, get a rucksack, wander the globe, wander the mind, wander with a book, think differently. But whatever you do, Find and be yourself, live your own rules, make the change you want to see in the world. Redefine Freedom in yourself; it’s what you decide it means – bring back the love and bring back humanity….

Keep Thinking Differently :P………………


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